September 30, 2009

Stephen Peter

I had some one ask about our son,Stephen so I thought I would update ya all on him.  First off he is now 20 almost 21!  Ya, I know I can't believe it either.  He lives close to us (thank God) and we are all happy about that. I think he is too most of the time.  He works full time at a gas station and is thinking very seriously about becoming a police officer (even willing to give up the earrings for that,yes!) or a youth counselor. He works with a youth group at Awana and has for several years. He seems to have a heart for it.... (calling?)   He is a wonderful kid and we have been so blessed by him.  Better quit or he will kill me....
   And Ann, We still need to keep praying for a meeting with him and JoAnna... I have not given up on that....   ;-)

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