October 22, 2009


We have had two sick girls here. Faith is now on the mend and might possibly go back to school today. First we just started out with coughs and sore throats. Not too bad but to protect other kids at school I kept them home. They seemed better after a week, then two days later and it is whammmo, very sick girls "again". Big fevers, big coughs, big sore throats. And I am up at night sleeping with Carissa deciding if she is having trouble breathing, praying, trying to sleep in small amounts. Faith seems to have just kicked it. No more cough no more fever it's just gone. So weird, whatever it was. I hope it is gone and stays away. I am very tired and thankful that we did not make an emergency room visit last night. Now I feel Carissa might be almost over it too. I am so thankful. Stephen seems to have a touch of it too. But I hope he can shake it too.
I am not sure if this was swine flu but it was not fun. And much harder then any other bug my kids have had. And it is only OCTOBER PEOPLE!!!! No I am not looking forward to the winter. So far so good that Dave and I have not had it...Hope you are all well and healthy.

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