October 22, 2009


I hope you noticed the chip in button on my side bar and the beautiful little girl whose picture is above it. In case you are wondering (or freaking out), no we are not adopting again!
Our hearts were led by God to adopt many years ago. We started our first adoption in 1986 with our sweet Lacey Nicole from Korea. She was one year old when we got her home. Then we adopted Amy and Stephen also from Korea. Years later, when we had thought we were done adopting, God showed us in a big way there were two more children for our family. Faith came home from Vietnam in 96 And Carissa from China in 2007. When we started adopting very few Christian families were adopting. Now in 2009 most families who are adopt are Christian. As a matter of a fact, they are not just average Christians (does that say lukewarm to any one?) they are "Warrior Christians"! Because that is what it takes to adopt children today. The enemy of the worlds innocent children seeks to destroy them. God wants to set the lonely in families. His desire is for life and and blessing for the orphan. But He needs us to be His hands and feet... He needs us to Hear Him and to ACT. To do what we are called to do. To save the innocent.
We have met so many people during out parenting years who have also been called to adopt. They are some of the best people I have ever known. Some of them are to this day my best friends. It is amazing to meet people and feel as if you "get" them and they "get" YOU. Especially when family members and others at times let you know in no uncertain terms they do NOT "get you". These parents are still out there as Dave and I end our journey of adoption. These parents face more spiritual warfare now then we faced back in 86. Because the time is short.... The world is harder, the problems these orphans face deeper and darker...and the parents face governments who are not always caring of the orphans in their own countries. And when Christian parents take on international adoption now they had better know how to fight and how to gather the troops to back them up in prayer and help. It is not an easy fight and it changes you. And that is not a bad thing. Every child deserves a home of their own and a mom and dad who will fight to get them there.
So if you are not called to adopt an orphan you ARE called to help. And that is what Lia's story is all about. Helping Lia's family bring her home. In 86 international adopt cost $4000.00 now it is about 20 to 25 thousand! Please help Lia get home. And pray for her and her family. You can follow their story at

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Therapymom said...

Aww.....Thanks for your help Dawn! We can't wait to bring Lia home. We appreciate everyone's help and prayers.