November 11, 2009



I know I should go to the parade especially because my son is serving in Iraq now...
but I can not. I would not be able to get thru this Veteran's Day parade with out crying.
I mean blubbering and totally embarrassing myself and any one with in one foot of me on the sidewalk.
I know some of these National Guardsmen who will be walking the parade. Some have already served in Iraq and elsewhere. Next year the guardsmen in our little community will all head out again to some where else. Oregon has so many who serve their country in the guard.  I remember some of these men as friends of my sons.  They used to play in the river together close to our home and slide down hills together in deep winter snow.  They are grown up men... but  in my mind I see boy faces laughing. And I see my son with them.

These are some of the best men our country has.  When they leave for war they do think of us.  They think of home and they do protect us....

Remember these soldiers today and every day. Remember their families and the long days and nights that pass as they pray and wait for them to come back home. Do what you can do to make this wait easier on these soldiers.  Write them, send a package, help their families in any way you can, thank them.



Aus said...

It is with the utmost respect that I thank not only your son - but you his loved ones - for your service to our country. And don't you ever worry about embarrassing yourself - free tears for those who have paid the ultimate sacrifice for our freedom are heart felt - anyone who is NOT crying should be embarrassed - not you!

But for those men and women - we wouldn't have the freedom to read or write here - the least we can show them is our tears...

Blessings on you guys - hugs - and never ending thanks!

aus and co.

Dawn said...

thanks for your support

will be following along when you go to China and praying... ;-)