December 10, 2009

Youngest daughter ;-)

Carissa came home on Valentines day 2007.  She was almost 3 and was very happy to be out of her Ch*na orphanage. Here sister Faith and I went to Ch*na alone to bring her home and she really did not believe she had a daddy waiting at home for her.  She was thrilled to meet him and still is a daddys girl to this day.  She is joyful and happy and quite when out in public but at home she bounces and jumps most of the day.  When we were waiting for her to come home I looked at her pictures and was so fearful as I had never seen such a sad unexpressive child. Although we know she did suffer while waiting for us, she is fast putting her painful start in life behind her. Full speed ahead is her motto. She loves every thing girly too. We love you Carissa.

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Aus said...

I'm loving this series - Steven looks like a fine man - and Carissa looks like a love!

hugs - looking forward to more!

aus and co.