December 18, 2009

More of my family

Amee and her precious son. B is one year old and a good sized boy. Amee is our oldest daughter We adopted her when she was 5. She is a strong, independent, talented, beautiful women.  I am so happy she has this great little man in her life.  He is a sweet heart... He is just now starting to talk and talk...  I wish they were closer but what can you do. Our children have their own lives. We love this girl more then she will ever know.  When she grew up our home just was so empty with out her. She was always busy doing and creating some thing.

B and his auntie Lacey. I love this one cause you can see his wonderful curly hair!  Amee and Lacey were so much fun growing up together.  I used to say they were joined at the hip.  They are beautiful inside and out.


Aus said...

Dawn - what a great crop of kids! I'll share with you my parents hope - I'm hoping that I always live up to their needs and expectations!

hugs - aus and co.

Dawn said...

Thanks Aus... I am still not quite done yet though... :-) got a few more. In reality, I think we have to hope that we can point them to the "one" who can meet their needs. Even wonderful parents fail and can disappoint kids. As they age the seem to see our failings more clearly. So we want them to come to the Jesus to learn to forgive us. ;-)