December 07, 2009

More on thankfulness

We have had a furnace out the last few days and I keep thinking of how cold we are and how cold my littlest daughter was all the time in China during the winter months. The last few days have been long.... How long a whole winter would be with day after day of cold...  Would a child ever get used to that cold?  And if you add hunger on top of that dreaded cold, it sounds like a terrible hard thing to endure.   In China no one has heating in their homes.  And certainly no heat in orphanages.  They bundle up the children in 3 or 4 layers of clothes and winter coats and pants. The babies have split crotches though so I always wonder just how warm they could possibly be.

Is it wrong to be thankful for warmth when there are still many who are cold?  I am thankful my little one is home and that we can care for her and bless her with the material things that we are blessed with  her in America.  I am thankful... we all were getting colds and feeling like the furnace part would never get here...  How very spoiled we are. Today I am thankful for heat... the high today is going to be 18 degrees.  The furnace is purring away now and I am cranking it up to 75 to get it all over the house!

         Carissa in her "warm" winter clothes in China in December.  Today I dressed her in  3 layers too and sent her to kindergarten.  And today she will come home from school to a warm house, food  and love.

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Aus said...

Boy - you sure don't back off the hard questions! Is it wrong to be thankful for things that we americans take for granted? Absolutly not - in fact - if more of us were thankful then less of us would be in need! Ask any vet who live through WWII's Battle of the Bulge in Bastogne - or any child that's sat cold and hungry in an orphanage or worse....We all need to be just a tad more thankful!

Thanks for the reminder - we all need a little of that sometimes too!

hugs - aus and co.