December 04, 2009

The special people in my life

This post is going to be long one and I will publish pictures of all my loved ones over several days...
Just want to say I love you and you make my life beautiful and happy because of who you are to me.

First will be my children and grand kids... in no special order of specialness...  ;-)

My beautiful daughter, Lacey.  We adopted you  23 years ago and every day I have been so thankful.  I am so proud of you and who you are and who you are becoming.  I have always believed in you and your strength and I see the you you do not seem to see at times.   You are amazing. I love you Lacey.

Our first born son, Justin and his youngest daughter, L.  You are my heart.  I learned to be a mom by practicing on you... sorry about that son....   :-)  You are a great strength for all of us ....  I know you carry the burden of being the oldest sibling in our family but that also means you are deeply loved by us all too...     We are so proud of you for serving your country in Iraq and us your family.       Little L is the cutest mommie hugger you have ever seen.  She is sweet and also has that spark of mischief  that she and her brother  C  share to get them into some interesting little mishaps.  I love you two so much.  

Faith you are so very special to me and your daddy.  You are beautiful inside and out and I can not imagine what my life would be with out you at its center.  You have the best sense of humor and you know me so well.  You have a deep kind heart and at times because of it you can be easily hurt. God has a great plan for your future and it will be wonderful. I love you Binh Binh.

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