January 16, 2010


   I'm watching the news about Haiti almost every day since the earthquake.  Haiti has long been forgotten by most people in the world as  A place so poor so sad and so in need of change but never changing except for the worse...  I feel many people in the world and in the church felt it was an impossible place...  So people looked away.  Ignoring the suffering as just too hard to see.

    Pray for Haiti many say and so we should.  God is moving and working out His will for the people of Haiti. Because of this earthquake they will never again be a forgotten people.  Finally, the hearts of the world's people are moved to act.  I once heard some one say that no one could love any one except that God filled them with the love they desired to give and so they could extend that love to others.  Without God filling us up we alone have no love to give at all....    I believe that is true.

   So now we pray for Haiti and her people and we must not give up on those prayers.  Pray for the children needing the get home to their adoptive families that our government will see with a heart of God that these children need to be home and not stuck in Haiti. Pray for relief for Haiti's people. Pray for our brothers and sisters in Christ there.  In the days and years ahead we will see a change in Haiti.
I am looking forward to it.  Bless the people of Haiti...  Love them.


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