January 04, 2010

Merry Christmas,Happy New Year,cough, cough

   So, I"M BACK... "Our newish" computer is on its way from New Jersey and our borrowed clunker is banging along just fine and Christmas and New Years are over.   I guess that just about covers what I missed in my blogging all in one sentence. WEll, not really, so here is a short story of the Holidays (as it is called and don't you just hate the generic term used)... ya, Happy Holidays and a Merry Christmas to you all too!  Cause it IS Christmas and the time we celebrate THE BIRTH OF JESUS SAVIOR OF THE WORLD!  Okay got that out of my system.

   We had a very quite Christmas and a very thankful one. Did not spend too much on gifts and was not able too either with  our income a bit downsized for the end of the year.  But as time goes on I do have a problem spending big amounts on gifts when so many others have great needs. Do we really need another game system?  Can we fit one more movie into the cupboard when it is full already?  How many dolls does a girl need?  What can I teach my children that would be more important then getting that "one more thing" that they are sure they must have to make them happy and entertained for a day or two?  We did miss many of our older adult kids but we called and talked to them.  We did hear of our son in Iraq from his wife and got to keep in touch with all the grandkids latest exploits. 

    We had my mom over for Christmas Eve and I felt  a weight on my heart of wondering  how many more times will we get to celebrate with her?  It is so hard to see a mom who was a strength and a rock in my life growing up  get fragile and older. But I am thankful for her health being pretty good for her 86 years. I wonder all the time how much longer she can live on her own? Our son Stephen lives with her right now and it is a blessing to have him there or I would not feel good at all for her to be living on her own "totally" alone. That would increase my stress level way too much...She has told me she will tell me but will she agree with me when I think it is time?  Probably not....

   As Christmas ended Dave and I both got sick as we seem to do every year.  I am learning that I am allergic to my dog of 8 years and most probably a 100 year old house which we have lived in for over 20 years...  Waking up to an asthmatic attack was a big clue for me....  So now I am back on the antibiotics that have become a Christmas ritual the last 3 years and  am feeling pretty good (except for the deafness in one ear which will probably require a new type of antibiotic after this mega one is done).  Wheee....So happy day, Dave is mending too and  I start the New Year all full up of all sorts of good things and happy wishes.

   May you all be blessed with Health, Happiness and JOY this new year.


Aus said...

Greetings and glad to hear you had a good Christmas (and thanks for saying Christmas!!)

Accept this as a simple wish for you guys to get everything you need and more in 2010....and that you feel better! ;)

hugs - aus and co.

Dawn said...

thanks aus!