January 31, 2010

View from the front lines in Haiti

   You know, I know God is not surprised by us.  I am sure He weeps over sin, over death and pain in our lives.  As a Christian you can get over come by sadness and feel great anger over injustice and evil. I am sure that anger over evil is not wrong.  Our Lord on Earth also felt that way.  But we can not let it consume us or make us feel like there is not hope.  We serve a God of Miracles.  And Faith means we move on with our Lord even if we do not see the road ahead.  We step forward.... 

  So I do not mean to keep focused on only the bad aspects of what is happening with Haiti.  Or give an impression I am not able to see that our God can deal with UNICEF.  That our God can get His little children home to the families who wait and pray for them.  I think it is important for us to pray for those missionaries who are in the thick of it now in Haiti as well as for the  Haiti people and not forget that long after  the tv camera's move on to the next thing we still hold up Haiti to God.  We are also to be wise and we need to let others know the truth.

  This blog is by a young 24 year old  woman who has worked with  an orphanage, Three Angels Children's Relief  and HeartLine.  It shows what it is like now trying to get Orphan Haitian children (who have been already adopted by American citizens)  home to their parents.  Her post is entitled Another Day... 


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