March 29, 2010


That's  right... spring break is over with and we are back to the back to school life again.  Can I say we soooo enjoyed the break?  And I am back to being the mean mom and saying things like, "Hurry up are you trying to be late?"  'What do you mean you have not eaten anything yet?"  "Just put some thing in your stomach! Yes, pizza is good, cheese is fine, chicken, whatever just EAT some thing!!" "YOU, have 3 minutes to woff that stuff down girly or you will walk into that kindergarten class LAST!"   (I guess last one in is bad or some thing.)  I miss home schooling and having time to actually eat a good breakfast together and leave the house when school is done.  Next year, for various reasons, I am going to be home schooling little C. I am so glad about it and am getting very excited about it.!  Can not waIt to put it all together and get some new books for her.   More time for relationship building, more time for fun, more time to lean about her personality and teach her to read! Yes, and more time for breakfast!!!  I hate this rush rush out the door stuff....  I  hate saying hurry up, hurry up, get a move on!   I hate being the mean mom at such an early hour! Now, being the mean mom at normal hours?  That I can handle....   And how was YOUR spring break?

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Aus said...

Morning Dawn - I'll let you know about our spring break once it happens - we start on Friday! Loved the video - and we love that little girl too!

hugs - aus and co.