March 13, 2010

Did I miss something?

  WHERE DO WE GO FROM HERE?   What is next in our lives? I have been thinking about this very topic a lot lately...   What or where do we go now?  Our lives have been filled with being parents to our children for many years.  We adopted our 5 children when we had our two bio sons.  We started our 5 adoptions in 1986...   Boy, has international adoption changed since then. ( I feel I could write a book about it!!)
Soon our hearts were called to speak out about adoption to others. We were just so happy and excited about it!  Our verbalizing  was some times met with very negative remarks or even attacks about who we were and why we adopted  and what were we trying to prove?  We were thought to be trying to "get attention" or  thought to be some what "too different."  Certainly, we never though of ourselves as super Christians.  We did not feel we were perfect parents either.  (And if you ever have an allusions  about what a great parent you are having a teenager will soon destroy  all that silliness! ) ;-)   Adopting was just what we really wanted to do. 

   We are still parents to two girls at home (which I am so thankful for) and we are busy with our business and our lives.  We have 7 grandkids that we do not get to see too much. Our grown children are busy with their own lives. We still are their parents but in different ways then when they lived in our home, of course. We have hopes and dreams for their lives. They are adults and responsible for lives and children of their own now.  Our parenting of them is now done by praying and just encouraging them in their lives.  Being grand parents is very different from being a parent and we LOVE it!   Our girls at home have differing medical and social issues from their adoptions that keep us very focused on helping them in school and preparing for thier futures.  What will be our focus  as older parents and as Christians for our future? 

     I read this post today from Linny and it is very much worth sharing... check it out here...let me know what you think?

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Aus said...

All ready read it - adn I'm moved to share just a simple thought....

We "so called Christians" number in the billions....there are right around 147 million orphans in the world....if about 2% of those of us that call ourselves Christian would adopt one child.....well.....there wouldn't be any left.

I'm just sayin....

hugs - and thanks!

aus and co.