March 17, 2010

More cute pictures of lovely doll baby and little man

     I love these  little sweeties so much.  We love ALL OUR GRAND CHILDREN SO MUCH!  Being a grandparent is such a blessing and I never had a clue how wonderful it would be. And how very different it would be to look into those sweet faces so totally beautiful and see so much...  the future, the past, joy, perfection in a little face.  Being an adoptee it was strange for me to see my reflection in the faces of my grand kids.  I had never seen that before and it was some what of a surprise even though my two bio sons do resemble  me and their daddy..  I found my birth sister at 45 and she and I look like carbon copies... really weird for both of us and our children to experience.

    My oldest daughter is from Korea and we adopted her at 5 years old. I grieved to not ever have a baby picture of her. And it has also been hard for her to feel so disconnected to her history... When you are adopted you can feel as if  you just suddenly  "appeared" on this planet with no roots.  She has a son now and he looks just like her!  And it brings me so much joy to see his little face and see my daughter looking back at me as a baby.  I am happy for her to have this little blessings from God to see her connection to her past and her future.... 
    I do know children are never perfect.  But when you have grand children you do not worry about that so much... because really the little things they do wrong seem so much smaller then the JOY they bring you!  And really MINE do not do much wrong as far as I can see...  I mean it it is some kind of miracle I suppose...  ( I have seen others grand kids and felt sorry for them that they seem to be not as "perfect" in behavior and certainly not as  beautiful in looks as mine. Although they seem not to notice.)     ;-)   

   I used to smile when my grandma said she would spend many happy hours dreaming what my children's lives would be like.  She felt she went with them into the world because they were so much a part of her.  I AM NOT SURE MY CHILDREN EVER REALLY KNEW HOW  DEARLY SHE LOVED THEM ALL.  She lived to be 100 and I know that she prayed every day for her grand children and her great grand children.  When you become a grandparent you also feel a kind of loss. Loving them so much but knowing you mostly love them from a far because our lives are so far a part. Most of us do not live close enough to see our children or grand children  as often as we would love too.  But we really love planning trips to see them or having them come here.  "When are you coming to see grandma and grandpa? We have a trampoline and a swing set and a pool and grandpa just got a cart to pull you all around in with the lawn mower!"   HUMMM, I THINK WE NEED TO GET US A HORSE!!


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Aus said...

Great post! yeah - kids aren't always perfect - except to be imperfect is a 'perfect kid'! Twisted logic - but it works for me!

hugs - aus and co.