March 09, 2010

Longing for a place far away....

      There are places we remember that we just can't  forget.  Something happens to you and a place is imprinted on your heart and on your mind....I am missing Hanoi Vietnam's old quarter so much lately, well, all of Vietnam really.  I miss the noise, the people, the language, the shopping, the smells, the old hotels, the parks ,the river, walking the streets.... so much of everything.
      If I could fly away for two weeks that is where I would go. I'd  want my family with me and I'd want to walk the streets of Old Hanoi and experience life there again...  Maybe some day it will happen.... Vietnam is a place you can never get away from because you seem to carry it with you. It is just a breath away,  a place of great contradictions, a place I will never forget.

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Aus said...

Miss a day miss a lot with you!! We share many of those same feelings for Yangchun - and to a lesser extent GZ (it's so 'americanized' in some places in GZ) - but I can say that we will go back to China someday - we will!

And - a belated Happy Birthday Amy!!

hugs - aus and co.