April 11, 2010

Blessing of Friends


     This is my daughter, Faith and her best and oldest friend.  They have been friends since they were both about 2 years old.  I would add a picture of them at that age and looking oh, so cute and precious, but you would hear them fuss and foo about it  even in bloggy land so I will not.  I look back at pictures of them and remember so much. I remember tea parties, dressup, sledding down snowy hills, swimming, and a certain mud fight in our garden that was not too long ago ( I think I will keep that one in case I need to black mail them some day!). Both are growing up so fast and both of them are becoming so beautiful it is scary at times...  (Boys beware they have mean daddies!)  Life can be hard and lonely with out a best friend.  I am thankful for my daughters friend and that she is such a good Christian example for my daughter.  I hope they will always be friends and be able to share life as married women and momma's. 

   Thank you Lord for Friends



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Aus said...

Amen - I'm blessed to have 3 other guys in my life - any of them I could call right now and have them where ever I needed them without question or hesitation - they would simply come because I asked....yeah....

hugs - aus and co.