April 16, 2010

Doing What Makes a Difference....

       This post was copied from a blog by Shannon... she has a heart for the children of God in need ...
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Thursday, April 15, 2010

We have a chance to save Kiah's life!!!!

My friends, we have the coolest opportunity!!!!!
How often can you do something that directly, without a doubt give a child a chance at life?

This is Kiah....

She is precious beyond words and she is waiting....and I KNOW this community can help!
She needs open heart surgery to save her life and give her a chance to find her family.
There is a place that is so clearly the hands and feet of Christ,
if you have not visited New Day Foster Home's site I encourage you to go and check it out!!!!

and they want to help Kiah...
but their surgery funds are almost gone. You can read more

Remember Lucy who we prayed for????

God answered those prayers and she has found her family! They are working hard to get to her quickly!!!

So let's get the word out for Kiah!
New Day is needing to have her surgery funded by May 1st..

What can we do to help?

We can pray for Kiah and the other little ones that wait, pray that the Lord would multiply our giving like the loaves and the fishes!!!!

We can donate to New Day to help with Kiah's surgery.


Use the Chip In! Up on the left on my blog.

Go to New Day Foster Home and use their Chip In! (They are the same and go to the same spot)

Thanks Shannon for making me a part of your effort to help Kiah. Please feel free to add these links to your blog to help Kiah.
I know there are many children in need...  And I can spend the money I have in many ways and some of them very good some of them foolish.  Knowing about children like Kiah makes me stop and think before I do spend my money. And that is a very good thing....  If we all can just help even a small amount it can add up to a changed life for a small girl like Kiah.  And I believe these precious small gifts make a big difference for the kingdom of God.  And for this small girl it will mean life!

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