April 25, 2010

Fighting the Nasty monster called...FEAR!!!!

"Because He lives, I can face tomorrow.
Because He lives, All fear is gone.
Because I know He holds the future,
And life is worth the living just because He lives."

    When God works in his body He works on all of us at once... He's cool that way... kinda like big time  multitasking  or some thing.  And as we learn and grow from what He is teaching us all  (If we are paying attention that is), we change into what we all desire that is  to become more like Jesus.  I have been a Christian since I was 16 years old and I am now  $#  I mean I am ^*... (okay, no problem I can say it really, I can I tell ya!), I am now 53.  So that is a long time, not in God years, but in my life it is a long time.  I have gray hair which I keep dyed since I am also the mom of a 6 year old and just do not feel like letting it go yet...   ;-)  and I have some amount of wisdom I suppose.  I have been through a lot of things in my life. None of which I could have survived with out my Jesus.  I have been married for  37 years to the same guy.  We were married as teenagers  with all the drama and growth that goes with all of that....   We have 7 children from  ages from 34 to 6 and 7 grand children.   All this still does not make me as far along in my walk with Jesus as I want to be. I am not one of those people who will ever feel as if   I AM THERE AND HAVE MADE IT.  Not until I get to hug Him in Heaven.

    Lately, I am learning about fear.  YOU TOO?  Certainly not my first introduction to this nasty guy but it seems we learn and keep learning MORE even when we feel we really should not need to go through this kind of lesson "again".    Our life here on planet earth is filled with fear journeys.  And even though I know the scriptures it sneaks up on me.... dark and swallowing me up and seeming to whisper in my ear,  "This time God will not hear you, He will be busy, No one else will remember to pray, they will give up on you and believe all the lies of the enemy that are whispered about you."

     I have and am learning so much from Families who are in the middle of such scary times with their children's health.  Because that is what we all fear most loosing all those we love.  That still small voice speaks louder then accusing voices of the enemy....  He will never leave you nor forsake you.

     My husband and I  are in the middle of some big time scary stuff in our lives now.  Not the health of our children, (thank God),  but facing the FEAR monster  in many other areas of our lives right now.  We have been attacked by the enemy who seeks our destruction.  God has to come to our defense because it is not possible for us to defend our selves from this attack.  We have done what we can then we have to leave it to God.  And that is hard for me even though I know I have done all I can to defend myself.  Facing real evil is scary... that is just how it is.  We are only flesh and blood...  We do live in the end times now before our Lord comes for us and I believe we will see even more fearful times ahead for all of the body of Christ.  I pray we all grow up and learn what we need to learn to defeat the enemy of our souls and when we have done all we can to rest and be at peace.  And watch for the One who holds our lives to act and save us. 

   I am thankful for my friends who hold us up in prayer... please keep praying for God's little ones facing heart surgeries and recovery now and their families.  Please add my friend's daughter Abby too to this list of little ones.  God is working in all of us.

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Aus said...

Morning Dawn - we'll keep you guys in our prayers - and hold fast to the thought..."fear not - for I am with you"....

hugs - aus and co.