April 19, 2010

Only the Lord...prayers needed

   This week seems to be the week for bloggy friends children to have heart surgery... Please see little Chrissie's blog link on the left of my blog.  Also a sweet online friend who just got her daughter home from China is now facing a long day on Tuesday for her daughters first heart surgery.  I have been so inspired by Jill and her families journey to Jilliang. 

Here is her link:  http://thekoeppefamily.blogspot.com

Also baby Luke, who has been transferred from Morning Star Foundation , to Israel for his complicated heart surgery  is having his surgery this week. All done with out the love of a mommie and daddy to pray for him.  So lets be that for him this week too.

I am inspired by these parents and they strength they show. How any parent can go through this type of stress is beyond me...  All these children have hearts that are in need of miracle healing.   Only the kind of healing our God can do!  I am amazed at how these children have survived and thrived so far with such difficult and damaged hearts.  Prayer changes things. God can heal. We can love these families and strengthen their very hard days ahead.


Aus said...

Prayers offered -

hugs - aus and co.

TanyaLea said...

AMEN! I love your heart!!
Already praying! <><