April 05, 2010

Some Days I'm so Very Ready to Go Home.....


    Most of the time I am okay. Every day has it's ups and downs and trials. Just like any one elses.  But on Easter I just feel like I want to go home.  I love my life and my family and even with all the blessings we have in our lives, on Easter,  I just am ready.  I feel tired and weary with what has been going on in our lives lately.  We have been attacked on many levels in our lives...our home, our family, our business, our finances.    I know from my own experiences that I have no right to complain really. We are not suffering like so many are in other places. We are in our home and warm in the cold weather. We are not hungry, we are fed.  We are not in prison, right now we are free in America.  We are healthy and our children are not sick or needing care they can not get.  We are not in Haiti or some where else that is dealing with all that comes from natural destruction of some kind.  I have no right to whine at all.  We have great blessings here.  I think we are needing to just get it together and act like the child of the King that we are and go forward....  Sorry for grumbling  people. 

     But life here is different too.  I once heard a friend from Vietnam say... that life is very fast and stressful here in America  That we seemed to have no time for peace or rest and we always seemed to be moving on to the next thing.  No time to just sit and watch life, take it all in and feel part of it all. I guess that is true. 

    But on Easter I just want to be in my Saviors arms. Safe and happy and at peace....  

    Today is a new day and we begin again.  Time to move on and go forward for now...   Knowing in my heart that some day it will be time. We will leave this place and be home for good.  

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