May 09, 2010

Happy Mothers Day to You

   Happy Mothers Day to my mom!  I am so glad God made you my mom.  I love you and I have learned so much from you...  Every day I am thankful for you and the woman you are.  I hope we get to share many more Mothers days together... Your love and care protected me and your heart kept me warm. You are the best mother in the world.

   Happy Mothers Day to my sister. This is the first Mothers Day for you to be with out a mom.  I love you and I am so thankful that God brought us back into each others lives.  Just remember our mom in ruby slippers dancing in heaven and you will smile and know that I am smiling too...

   Happy Mothers Day to my daughter, Amy Cheree.  I am so happy that you are a mom to sweet and handsome little Bronson.  He is a blessing from above to you and us and all who know him.  You are a good mom and I am proud of you. I am your mom and I have never regretted that for one minute. You will always be my beloved little one.

    Happy Mothers Day to my daughter in law Jennifer.  You and my son first  made me a grandma.  You are one great mom. As mamma to four little children you are a wonder!  I love seeing you mother my grandchildren. You have a true mothers heart.  Being the wife of a soldier is not an easy road  and as our son left for war leaving you to parent alone,  I have been so blessed to see your strength and  commitment to your family.  I love you girl. You bless me.

   Happy Mothers day to my friends that have taught me so much about love and forgiveness and faithfulness and mothering. God brought each of these women into my life right when I needed them.....To  Dawn, who has shown me a true faithful friend. And a true woman with a mothers heart. A mother who loves and teaches and loves some more.  May God give you the desires of your heart.
    To Sally, who has shown me how to trust God and never give up.  I hope we have many more years to be sisters. How could I live my life without your support and friendship?
    To Ann, who has always believed in me and given me good advice and loved me even though we have never been able to look into each others faces.  If we never meet here we will meet in heaven.
    To Pam,  my friend who should be my new neighbor.  My heart sister.  I miss you and love your family and you are a great mom.  May God do a miracle and provide a job and housing and a peaceful future for you both. And if it happens to be next door to me that sure would be great! 
    To Anita, who has given me the love of a long time friend. Old friends are the best. I am keeping you forever.  Your heart and love for your family has always been an inspiration to me. You are a great mom.

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Aus said...

Hey Dawn - beautiful words - and a Happy Mother's Day to you too - never leave yourself out!

hugs - aus and co.