May 25, 2010

Just a few of my moments in a day....

   The other day in the middle of my daughters dancing around the house and singing with my blog music she stopped and said to me in a very serious voice,

   "Momma, I want you to write to China, to the place where I was,  and tell all of them I am a good girl...NOT a bad girl!   You tell them that for me momma!  And take a picture of me and send it to them tell them that I can dance and jump and I am beautiful. I AM beautiful huh, momma?"  Before I can answer  she is off and twirling away in a happy world of her own.  She is beautiful totally and incredibly beautiful!  She is a creative, smart, fun, happy and extremely beautiful little girl.

   In China, she was lonely, special to no one. She was unhappy and afraid,mistreated and hungry and sick, some times she was very cold.   While I like to believe she was loved by some of her nanny's  she mostly lived the life of an orphan girl in a China of the unlucky.   We are so blessed and feel so grateful that God brought her into our lives.  I think about what we would have missed... how much we would have missed...if we would not have stepped out in faith and did what did not make sense to the world, and adopted our sweet little Carissa.  I think we would have known that we made a mistake and that some one was always missing in our lives, An empty place always in our lives.  Thank you God for that place filled by Carissa Hope!

  A place in our home and in our hearts that is full and busting out with JOY!!!!!

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Aus said...

Dawn - your post touched that special spot - that place where all our adoptive kids have been - and where they never have to go again....yeah - thanks for getting it!

hugs - aus and co.