May 22, 2010

New Project TODAY!

       I am a bit crabby about this... (who put all of this stuff in here any way? When did this all happen?!   Some one is responsible for this?)  but also I am very determined to DO IT!  I need some of this dogs energy and determination! 

    OKAY, I CAN DO IT I CAN DO IT.... cleaning the upstairs storage room!!!  I want to finally make this room into a room. Not s storage area. A Real room to enjoy and live in.... wish me well and pray.  If you do not hear from me in two days  call 911.....   If I survive... pictures will follow.

1 comment:

Aus said...

Well - by now that project should be well in hand - if not completed! Hope you survived w/o a call to 911!

Re: tv - yeah - maybe that's why I'm a scifi kind of guy - ya know - new alien life forms, meeting them, and forgeing a peaceful co-existance...scifi in the vein of Rodenberry - not King!

hugs - aus and co.