May 21, 2010

Really? I mean Really now?!!!

     Okay, seriously, I think our days of having a  TV are going to be numbered... I know many Christians do not have TV any more. But I never thought it was that big of a deal to not have it.  I just did not want to seem to be HOLIER THEN THOU and  say well, we do not have it sorry you are not THERE YET like us...
    We do use it to watch our Disney movies or other movies in our collections spanning many years.  We still have that VHS tape of Robin Hood which my son (who is now 21) watched continuously (as a child, I mean) for years with a sword in his hand .... He was sooo cute. WEll, I digress...
     I used to say I liked having the news but the news is just down right scary. "Scary" meaning I do remember years ago when you could watch different stations for news and get a different news cast. Not the same one almost word for word.  That is scary to me... it is like they are being controlled in what they all put out...  And is anything happening in the world out side of America?  I have seen all the doggie adoption stories I can handle and I love my three dogs but come on people....  Who is approving what goes on our news channels any way? And perhaps we need to think of this?  Humm...

    Does it seem to you that TV shows just keep pushing it?  AND pushing it!   We do not have cable or anything we just watch a few stations that we can receive for free.   I used to like CSI. I am an Agatha Christie girl and I love a good murder mystery as good as any one... But I do not want to see a corpse that has been under water for a couple months in detail and close up... and then I do not wanna see in DETAIL AND CLOSE UP what the guy decides to pull outta there!  I mean come on!  Geeze... 
I do not wanna see Miss America in her sexy undies acting like she works on the street in New York.  I do not wanna see any more witches or others of that persuasion  talk to dead people no matter how nice they or their cute Blondie daughters seem to be.  Cause it creeps me out to bring that stuff into my Christian home.  I try to keep that stuff out of it.

     I love hospital shows but I do not want every one on last nights G.A.. show to bleed all over the place and I mean "bleed out all over the place".  MY teen was freaking out.... do we really have that much blood in us?  I am surprised they did not kill off every one ....    And do we need to worry about our own hospital security system? 

    And seriously I am supposed to think a sad older woman who has such a shallow life that all she does is chase younger guys  is entertainment?  Courtney Cox even seems embarrassed by her show and she should be!  As an older woman my self there is much more to living life and wisdom and happiness  then this and it is just plain offensive... and DUMB!

   So I switch to the Christian station and I do love Pat R. in a "grand fatherly way"  but he is putting his foot in his mouth now almost every day (latest adoption comment!)  and I just can not take it any more. Cause I do not want him making the world think he is my representative of what Christianity is.  Possibly time to retire?

   I'm gonna find better things to do in the evening from now on...   I have 85 quilts I need to work on... I have books to read....   a teenager to talk to until midnight. TV I am so over you....bye.  WEll, okay I may keep watching Days of Our lives... but that is different.

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Mama D.'s Dozen said...

We turned off our t.v. 19.5 years ago, and have never regretted it. Best decision we ever made.

We still have one to use for the occasional old VHS tapes. Oh yea! But ... no television shows in our house for almost 20 years.

We are so busy with our children, that we cannot imagine that we ever even had time for t.v. We love to spend our evenings playing games or reading. No need for "entertainment"; our kids are entertaining enough.

Laurel :)