June 08, 2010

Whats the Buzzzz? Whats happening...?

     I have been missing in action lately... We have had rain and rain here. I know, I know... I am not really complaining as the river stayed in it's banks, no oil here any where like our neighbors to the South,  and no tornadoes or earth quakes. My blogger absence has just been because we have just been busy with life.
    Had little one, C, who lost her first tooth,  then she proceeded to turn  6 (going on 14!).  Of course there was kindergarten graduation where she sang  "America the Beautiful" and brought me to tears.  And can I tell you I was totally SAD to see so many young parents in the group who DID NOT KNOW THE WORDS  to that song.

    So for the kids school is over with. Each day before school was over with, C woke up and said, "Mom I only want to stay home with you, I do not want to go."  Now she is home for a week and a half and she is bored and asked if she could go to school today!  We have yet to get into the summer vacation routine.  So we are hurrying to put in the garden, fill up the pool,  and plan on warmer summer activities.  Then it will really seem like we have a summer to look forward too.  I plan on a summer reading and art program for C  that our little library puts on and a few play dates as well.  At 6 she is only just now starting to be able to interact with kids her age.  Before she was just too scared. Yes, she was afraid of about every one... including other kids.  She expected to be hurt by others, even kids, or to be taken away from us.  According to our little girl who spent too much time in a China orphanage  "others" are not to be trusted at all.  She totally did not feel safe any where but at home.  Now she seems to be able to branch out of her comfort zone and see some of life around her.
What our kids have gone through I am not sure we can ever understand.  I have big clues  about her treatment in China but how it affected her is a heart break to me.  Time and love and Jesus will heal. As much as she is able to heal that is...    C is an amazing child and so smart and happy at home.  We love her so much.  Each day she opens up a bit more to her life and her new future....

     Our older daughter came home and out of public school a month early... big drama with public school that should not have been.  But after you try and then you see it is still not good for your child you move on...  Both girls will be home schooled next year.  Also older daughter turned 17  (and got an I Pod, man, are they cool!)  and is trying for her driving license as well.  She is also going to have an old friend stay with us  for 2 weeks this month...  So will have a fun time with her for that....  Our summer seems so short here that it feels like we are moving at top speed to try to enjoy it before it is gone and we are back to snow.....again.  We also hope to see our older kids and some grandkids this summer some time too.  I hope my sister can visit  and if possible we want to do some camping...    Okay, camping is not my thing but I am going to go along and enjoy it any way....   Still have to finalize plans for summer but it is well on it's way here.

    I also turn a year old at the end of this month (NO, I am not actually gonnna tell you how old!!) and my loving hubby got me an early present.   A camera which I am learning to use....   It's higher tec then I am used too  and Yea,  it is harder to concentrate  on learning any thing new when you have a some one talking to you all the time... I need time to think.... Imagine that ?   But you will see some great results soon here on my blog, I hope.

   We are still in the middle of our  "Attack" but are feeling stronger and no matter which way things go we are confident that God will care for us and we will survive.  Hope you and yours are enjoying each other.... and are having a beautiful summer together...

    May God bless you and keep you and hold you in the palm of His hand....

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Aus said...

Morning Dawn - thanks for the updates - sure hope that the summer is all you hope for and more!

You really are spot on when you say we'll never really understand what our kids have been through - and little by little I'm thinking that some of the extended family is starting to 'get it' when the kids just have a somber moment or even a spontanious crying jag or melt down. Sometimes something just 'triggers' - but with enough love, support and prayer they will pull through!

Couldn't be happier for you guys - bumps and all - it's called living life!

hugs - aus and co.