July 09, 2010

I'm praying for little Elizabeth C.

   Here is a picture of a little girl named Elizabeth she is from Eastern Europe she needs a family.  She is almost 7 years old and has down syndrome.  She is listed on Reeces Rainbow site and she has an older child grant available for her adoption. She is a beautiful and loving child and she deserves to be loved by a mommy and daddy...  here is her listing :  Click Elizabeths image to be taken to RR for her info...

15w9v-2HElizabeth C.   Brothers and sisters no
 Date of Birth: August 2003 
Gender: Female  Eyes: Gray  Hair: dark brown

This sweet girl is almost 7 years old. We are so hopeful to find a family for her! Elizabeth is so beautiful, and she loves to care for her baby dolls. She is active, intelligent, social, helpful, and an orphanage favorite. She does wear glasses, but who knows if they are the right prescription for her? Elizabeth will do very well in a family setting, and I hope someone will "baby" HER very soon!

From her medical records: Down Syndrome, moderate mental deficiency, atopic dermatitis; delay in growth, amblyopia of high degree, congenital myopia with astigmatism



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