November 05, 2010

Christmas Frenzie

    What if we all could help an adoptive family with adoption expenses?  Just like so many came in and helped  the Gobble family in their time of need in my previous post.  What if we all took just one family and gave them a gift of support to help them this Christmas?  What could we accomplish?  How many children could we help get to home to forever families?

  When my children look at television commercials and say, "Mom I want that for Christmas!"  I cringe. 
I know in two days that stupid toy will be boring them to tears.  And that money could be better spent...
There is nothing wrong in spending money on our own children, there is nothing wrong in spending money on ourselves...  We each do what we feel God is leading us to do...    Maybe if we just sat down as a family and really thought and talked about what it is we do need and want and what we can do to help others we would find that our needs and wants are not as important as we thought they were?  When you put a personal face on the "NEED," a face of a child who needs a mom and dad  and when YOUR child used to be one of those who was in need it changes your world. 

   I will never have a $500. 00 dollar purse.  My home will never be huge and all done up like magazine spread,  I will never have that vacation home in Porta where ever,  I am okay with that.  I really may never get my nails done again... that is up to what God shows me are my needs and what are my wants and what  I feel called to do...  I do not want to judge others on this...   But each day in this world in this temporary home we call our lives we see others who need us.  And as a family called to adoption  I see children.  Lonely children and those would be forever parents who are fighting a fight to raise money to bring them home.  And a fight it is!  Let's support others this Christmas and bring a lonely child home!

    Below is a link to a great blogger who has a wonderful link page for adoptive parents to post their fundraising sites on... she has done the work and set it all up....  Please visit her site and involve your whole family and give this Christmas ....   I think you will be blessed and so happy you did!

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