November 06, 2010

What is the cost?

    I did some thing bad... but I had to.  I copied a post from a fellow blogger with out permission and I am re posting it here.  I had too.  This is National Adoption month..., This is Orphan Awareness month...
Some people don't care.  I have been called names because of my "obsession with adoption" and Orphans.  Some people get pretty mad when you point out a life is worth more then a vacation, or a new car or a new purse even.  We learn to value others by being taught as children that people are more important then stuff.  And that no matter how much of that stuff you own you truly will not be happy with your stuff.  
   But really some people are happy with stuff.  They build self worth on what they own.  On how they look.  And looking good for most of us takes lots of effort and money.  Fixing our selves so we can look better and younger is just not some thing movie stars do any more.  I know quite a few women and men who have done it.  Stuff... Self worth...    What is the cost if we gain the whole world and loose our souls.

    Have you ever thought of what it means to give up every thing...  and take care of orphans?  What does it cost?  Everything...

  I've taken this post because I am convicted....  this family is in need and they do it. They care and they are in need.  I do not want to say where they are... and if you want to help them do this work I will send you a link.  I hope you are touched enough to help....   It is not enough to feel guilty... or angry ,  or sad.  Do you count the cost?  (Please read her posting below)


It is orphan awareness month.

But who really cares.

It doesn't really do any good to be “orphan aware.”

Yeah, so several hundred thousand people become “aware” of orphans this month.

What I want to know is what are you going to do about it?

I think we could say that December (Christmas) and April (Easter) are “Jesus Awareness” months.....they have been for a long time.

But what are you going to do about it?

To be “aware” of Jesus isn't enough, to fall on our face before the cross is.

To be aware of orphans isn't enough, being AWARE doesn't do anything for them.
Last year, November 2nd exactly, I wrote a post about God's provision. We had nothing to pay our bills, and then, at the last minute, we did. BUT, orphan awareness month was not a good month for us. We struggled all month, we ate not much more than rice. Our babies were ok, because we scrimped and saved everywhere we could.
This year was not any different. We had nothing, nothing.
But that is ok, we knew that God would provide, He always has. He always would. We were confident, there was no reason to worry.
November 1st came up and we owed rent, still nothing. Surely by the end of the day there would be something.
The end of the day, there was nothing, nothing.
The babies need diapers, milk, food. But there was nothing.
How could this be? How really could this be?
The 2nd, nothing.
The 3rd, nothing.
I thought I had quite a lot of faith, after all, for 5 years I have been trusting EVERYTHING to God, and never once has He failed. Until now.
By the evening of the 3rd I was having to not look back on all the ways that God has been faithful, rather I was having to go back to the very basics.
Mercy was telling me about how they were learning about rainbows, and I was questioning in myself how a rainbow could be possible without God.
But I just couldn't justify any other reason for a perfect rainbow. And if God created the rainbows, then He also truly wrote the Bible, and if He truly wrote the Bible, then His Word is true, and if His Word is true, then His promises are also.
That did not change that I was sitting in a 3rd world country, with no money, late on rent, with a HUGE responsibility under us.
I continued to have faith that somehow something would happen. People who said they would send money, would, perhaps even God would move someones heart to send it by Western Union. Or, perhaps He would move the hearts of those in our city to come and give money.
On the morning of the 4th my faith was shaking. I was losing it, and it wasn't pretty. A few minutes after I had completely broken down I opened an email to find that someone had given money, the same someone who gave last November, and I was rejoicing that God had heard us, BUT it would take a week to clear our bank. So still nothing right now.
On the morning of the 5th, when we owed 10 people their salaries, there was still NOTHING in our bank account. Nothing. Nothing in the mailbox, nothing.
I am planning a post about this, about the faith part etc. that will come later. Some details will be filled in then.
How could this be happening? How?
Over the last week we have had to consider what to do, seriously consider.
It is interesting to me that all this has happened not only during orphan awareness month, but as Morning Star is planning to expand, and instead of looking forward to our plans, we were considering shutting down.
See the thing is, we have always said, if God didn't provide, we could not go on, period. Well, that sure seems like what is going on.
But shutting down just wasn't right. We knew it, yet what could the answer be?
It was now the 5th and Salaries and Rent had not been paid. Jenny had to make a phone call to the orphanage doctor who sent some of our kids to us and she, emotionally told Jenny that she, a Christian who runs a small foster home as well, and many others like her are struggling as well. Struggling more than they ever have. We are not alone.
I am here to tell you that I don't know the reason for this trial, but there will be more about that in the post I am planning, yesterday enough trickled in to pay for 1 months rent, we owe 3, and salaries for most of our staff. This is nothing to the bills we owe at the beginning of next month. :)
Over the last few months I have received emails and phone calls asking if we have financial needs that so and so can help with. When I said, yes, Formula, diapers, food etc, the answer every time was “no, no, no, they don't want to pay for that, they want to save a Childs life, they want to pay for a surgery or something.”
Well that is nice, and hugely needed, but without milk, without food, the babies will die. It is a law of our bodies.
I am not at all saying that Orphan Awareness Month is bad, I am acutely aware that the enemy of Christ would like nothing more than to hurt those very orphans this month and the people who are in the process of adopting, those who have adopted, and those who are caring for these kids, whether you are directly caring for them or supporting them financially. I am also aware that he would like Orphan Awareness month to boil down to nothing more than a few people having their hearts pricked for a minute, writing a $25 check and walking away, not to think about it again till next November, much like Christmas and Easter.
So my thoughts are getting all jumbled, I want to write my next post, but this has been on my heart too, "Orphan Aware." It isn't enough. But, once we are "aware" we must do something. Not because we are going to be saved by it, we aren't, we are saved once we fall before the cross, no, because we are told to care for the fatherless, and even though we like to pretend our government, or governments around the world are caring for them, that is not who the mandate was given too, it was given to us.
And besides, most governments aren't taking care of them.
Let me just give you a few examples of orphans who need more than people just being made aware, they need food, they need love, they need Dads and Moms, they need surgeries, they need diapers, clothes, they need the Hands and Feet of Jesus to touch them, hold them, care for them.



The Kings said...

This breaks my heart.
We showed the video "Answer the Cry" this evening at our church and had 3 people, besides my husband and I show up, even though it was well announced. It is so discouraging and so absolutely heartbreaking.
Your post convicts me too.
Thank you for sharing it.

Dawn said...

I understand your discouragement... you can only do what you can do and plant seeds... and you do that !