December 15, 2010

A forgotten Child? Do they Exist?

      Why are there orphans?   If you had to answer such a question, I suppose the answer you would think of first is because parents die and leave their children alone.  That happens of course, but most children do have others in the family lineage that would care for them or try to care for them. In this way the child would still be part of the family and safe.  Not an orphan.  Being an orphan means you are not protected and you are not safe.  And you are alone....

      Certainly,  whole books have been written on the "WHY" a child becomes an orphan.  A few reasons are  HIV, or some kind of parental illness  drugs, war,  poverty is certainly a reason behind about all the main reasons children become orphans.  Politics and governments' positions on morality and the welfare of the masses over the individual... and in truth selfishness of one or both of the parents.  I am sure there are many other reasons I have not listed here too.  In America, many children are not official orphans but they ARE orphans.  They are left alone to grow up with out one or both parents when one parent leaves the child and does not  maintain any relationship with the child.  Or they are neglected as parents live lives which do not include their children. And in America and else where in the world, parents fall victim to drugs or drink  which makes them unable to be parents.

    Children can also be born with medical conditions that parents are not able to care for. This may seem like a weak reason to not keep your child but in many countries this is a main reason for child abandonment.  So a child can receive medical treatment and care to survive.  And many parents can send children to an orphanage for temporary care until they are able to reclaim the child. Even if that is the child's whole life. In the parents mind and heart, they will still reclaim their child as a member of the family "Some day".  And some of these parents visit their children in orphanages.

    It breaks my heart to think of any child being left alone and becoming an orphan for any reason.  "No one can save the whole world."  Hey, as an adoptive parent, have you ever been told that?  Usually by some one who would  never think of adopting a child.  It's kinda like a put down.  WEll, no, not kinda, it is a put down.  I can live with some ones not liking me.  And yes, I do know that life is not perfect.  And the poor you will always have with you as Jesus said.  But I think where ever we are in our life in our world we should do what we can do...    I have to answer to my God.  But some times, I do wonder where some people keep their hearts?

    Today I found out that little Elizabeth C. was moved to a mental institution  in EE.  That is as much of an identification of where she resides as you can get.  But I look at her picture and I see her sweet face.  She looks like all she needs is a Mommy to hold that smiling face in her hands and her whole world would be perfect. She will now never get to be some ones baby.  It's not her fault she was born with Down Syndrome.  In spite of it her heart shines through. I know she is precious to Jesus.  These children do not live long where they are sent.  I should have prayed harder for her mom and dad to find her.  Is it too late for some one to come forward to claim her and get her out of that hell? I hope you can pray for her and pray for her safety where she is at...   a place no child should ever have to call home. I can not imagine the horror this innocent little girl will face...  tonight my heart is hurting... and tonight heaven seems far off.
I have to remember God will comfort her and that He loves her more then any one ever could.  I can not know her future. Please God hold Elizabeth in the palm of your hand  until she comes home to you. She is not forgotten by you...

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