December 31, 2010

My Challenge...

     Many of you are aware of Mattie's Challenge on Lorraine's Blog,(little Chrissie's mom)   who accomplished reading her Bible in 90 days.  I think this challenge is one worthy of joining.   I have been a Christian for a long time (since I was 17) and I have NEVER read the Bible through. Not some thing I am proud of either... I know I need to do this and I will be blessed. I feel abit over whelmed by trying this but here I go...

  IF YOU ALSO TAKING THE CHALLENGE LET ME KNOW AND LET LORRAINE KNOW ON HER BLOG by posting and you can also enter in her give away of a Boss Your Heart necklace in memory of Chrissie and a copy of Lorraine's book, Boss Your Heart , about Chrissie's last days on earth.
On her blog post you will also find links on how to do your challenge. 

   Remember you need to join today.... and tomorrow it will all begin! 

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