December 21, 2010

Our Christmas Baby....

    Today is gottcha day for my son from Korea.  We got a call to "come and get him" on this day 21 years ago.  We had been on Holt's waiting list for a baby from an adoption disruption for over 9 months and we felt that we should not give up that God would bring our baby to us.  Holt had told us that we most likely would not be able to get a baby but we held fast feeling like this was in God's plan for us. 

  On  December  19th we got a call that there was a son for us,  And we would be having a new baby in our home for Christmas!  We were so excited and happy!  I have to tell you it was the best Christmas. We were given cribs, clothes and enough energy to get every thing ready for a new son. And in a few days we were off to Eugene to get our son! 

   He was 13 months old and big and beautiful and very scared.  His whole life had been turned around and he was sick with a bad cold too.  We fell totally in love with him the minute we saw him and he is a wonderful son and blessings to us all!  We lived in a little house that was  just over 1000 square feet and we had 4 children already...  Stephen made 5.  That year was a very happy one for us all.  We also decided maybe we needed to move to a larger home!  ;-) 

  I will not post a picture of Stephen Peter  (our Rock)  as a baby cause he thinks he was not cute but he was!  We love you Stephen.  He is smart and handsome and he has the heart of a true man of God.  You are  such an important part of all your family's  lives and we are so thankful you are ours!  You are not aware yet how big a blessing you are to us or to the world but God has a great plan for your life and your future. I pray you will always know how deeply you are loved.

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Adoption Mama said...

These Happy Gotcha Days are so exciting and bring back such lovely memories.