February 24, 2011


Thanks for praying and little Vera has her family!  Please keep this family in your thoughts and prayers. International adoptions are difficult and adopting from this area is even more difficult...  Nothing is sure until they are flying home with her in their arms! So please cover them and Vera in Prayer and please keep praying for Vera's health and safety..... Congratulations Evans family!

Vera for the Evans family -Flowery Branch- GA

Jon and Amy have been married for over 15 years and have 3 biological children; Jacob (13), Caleb (11) and Abbi (11).  Amy had thought about adoption for years before Jon was ready to talk about it. She never pushed him. Hardly ever brought it up. Except to God.  Adoption is HUGE and Amy knew that she and Jon needed to be in full agreement that they should do it.  It wouldn’t work if she was all in and Jon was on the fence.  Throughout all those years of waiting for Jon to get off the fence and jump in, there was always a picture in Amy’s head. She had looked at countless orphan websites and countless photos of available children over the years.  She gets weekly emails from many orphan/adoption ministries.  In the fall of 2009 when Jon and Amy began discussing adoption seriously, the picture became a little clearer. Recently, one of Amy’s Facebook friends posted a picture of Vera from the Reece’s Rainbow website.
IT WAS HER!  The girl from the picture in Amy’s head.  Without a doubt.  Amy’s heart stopped and she started sobbing. She NEVER DREAMED there was really a girl that would look like the picture in her head.  With all those hours she had spent looking at available children to adopt, she was never looking for the girl in her mental picture.  She never imagined the little girl was really out there.  Over the week that followed, God continued to give Jon and Amy little (and not so little) clues that Vera was theirs.  The evidence and ‘coincidences’ were undeniable.
Jon and Amy have prayed for one thing – that God would CLEARLY light the path they are to walk down.  Only one path is being lit and it’s the path to Vera.  Please pray for them as they follow after God and travel down this road.  The whole family cannot wait to bring Vera home!
Follow the Evans family's adoption journey on their blog at www.lifeattheevans.blogspot.com 


Aus said...

Congratulations Evans family - it's a girl!!

hugs - aus and co.

*Overflowing* said...

Love this update! Congratulations to this sweet family!