May 23, 2011

We are the body...of Christ

We are the body…

 by Mandi Mapes…
We are the body of the most High
We are the bride of a Savior
And we fall for the King of the kingdom
As we sing the songs of salvation
And we stand for those who cannot stand for themselves
And we love the loveless
And we go where Your light’s not shining
We are the body of Christ
We shine like a city on a hilltop
We boast in the Spirit living in us
And we march on a road leading to freedom
As we reach out our hands to the fallen
And we bring living water to the thirsty and
We live for the One who was and is and is to come
So our life 
counts for something greater than ourselves
We are the body of Christ
And our anthem will be a song of praise to the King
“He is worthy, He is worthy”
With one voice we will sing,
“Where oh death is your sting”
He is mighty, He is mighty

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