October 25, 2011

To Pam...Emmy and Abby

  This is for my friend Pam... When I see your daughters' I am reminded of God's grace and mercy to the orphan and to us all.  I know you are a regular mom... We are friends and I know your faults and your strengths and I know and see our Savior in you and your family.  In how He has blessed you all with these two precious girls.  God has done miracles in Emmy's heart and He can do the same for Abby's. 

From Carissa,
    I love you Emmy and Abby, I miss you from far away... and maybe some day we can come to you on an airplane to see you both. We are China sisters and then we will together and even if we are far apart we still love each other and will always pray for each other...

love Carissa Hope YuFeng


Aus said...

Sweet - 'speaks' volumes!!

hugs - aus and co.

Pam said...

Aww thanks. Wish I knew how to tape the whole thing but I am just not that tech-savvy. It is precious, and they are so smart and learned it so fast. They are way smarter than I am ha ha.

We WILL see you guys again (while still on earth), one way or the other, I promise! Love you too!